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All Natural Dog Treats

At Pack Approved we believe that Dog treats serve a number of useful purposes. They help satisfy your dogs need to chew, and they're an essential  part of training, especially for food-motivated pups. Crunchy treats such as our Chicken Wafer and Slims as well as our Yellow Fin Tuna can be given as training rewards or everyday snacks to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Long-lasting dog chews are great for special occasions. They can help reduce stress as your dog chews or keep her occupied when guests visit. Every dog loves a good long lasting chew, Antlers, Cow Tails, Cow Hooves or Bully Sticks, will keep dogs chewing happily for hours!

Healthy Treats=Healthy Dog

At Pack Approved we take great pride in sourcing our products from right here in the USA.  We especially focus on All Natural Treats that are not only delicious but nutritious too!